AutoLoader 1000

Coming Soon!

This is our autoloader for the Ricoh (Fujitsu) 8170 scanner.  Once loaded and primed, it will automatically feed cards into the Fujitsu scanner.  Our smart technology can detect when cards are needed minimizing the risk of jamming the scanner.  It gently feeds the perfect amount of cards reducing the time you have to spend constantly loading the scanner.  This allows you to concentrate on other tasks while the catch bin is being filled .  

Need to pause for a minute? No problem!

 Simply turn the power button OFF on the front of the loader until you're ready to continue scanning again. 

Each AutoLoader 1000 will come complete with a pair of scanner risers and one catch bin.  

AutoLoader Capacity: 

  • 1000 raw baseball cards
  • 1300 Magic The Gathering/Pokemon cards

Standard Catch bin capacity:

  • ~ 140 loose cards
  • ~ 27 cards in 3" X 4" toploaders

Xtra Tall Catch bin capacity:

  • ~ 284 loose cards
  • ~ 62 cards in 3" X 4" toploaders

1000 Card AutoLoader

See above video of the AutoLoader in action!

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